Physiomer® Baby Nasal Aspirator




2-3 Days

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  • Relieves Baby's Runny & Stuffy Nose
  • Helps Baby To Breathe More Comfortably
  • Improves The Quality Of Sleep

PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator gently relieves your baby’s runny & stuffy nose, removes excess mucus, helps baby to breathe more comfortably and thus improves the quality of sleep.
PHYSIOMER® Baby Nasal Aspirator has been specially designed to “respect” the delicate nostrils of babies but also to allow parents to perform effective care with hygienic and pratical use.


1 nasal aspirator
1 dispenser box containing 5 protective filters

Before the first use rinse the Baby nasal aspirator under hot water and dry it thoroughly.
Proceed nasal aspiration before feeding, when the child is awake and calm.