Elementre Dry Touch Sun Protection Spf50+ UVA/UVB Filters




2-3 Days

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                  • Absorbs UVA/UVB Radiations
                  • Light Formula That Provides Dry Finish
                  • Sweat Resistant

                  REINFORCE skin vitality with high-performance creams to hydrate, nourish, restore suppleness and protect your skin. Our Dry Touch Sun Protection Effectively Protects Your Skin From Uv Rays' Aggression Thanks To Its Highly Effective Organic Filters. Dry Touch Formula For Ultimate Comfort.
                  Dry Touch : No White Marks, No Mask Effect On The Skin. Makeup Can Be Applied Immediately After The Cream Or Right Before

                  1% glycerin: increases skin hydration, relieves dryness
                  3% matmarin: reduces sebum accumulation. helps promote reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation
                  organic filters

                  Shake bottle before use. Apply to face and neck. Repeat application if necessary
                  Throughout the year: every time skin is exposed to sun
                  During treatment: use every day for weeks to protect sensitized skin