Elementre Lifting Cream 8% Peptides & Hyaluronic Acid




2-3 Days

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      • Maintains The Collagen Network In The Skin
      • Acts As Messengers, Triggering Skin Cells To Build Collagen And Elastin. Their Goal Is To Revitalize The Skin
      • Increases Moisture In The Skin. Soothe Redness.
      • Stimulates Skin To Function At Its Best

                  REINFORCE skin vitality with high-performance creams – to hydrate, nourish, restore suppleness and protect your skin. Our Lifting Cream unique formula hydrates and energizes the skin. It is ideal for ageing skin. Your skin is restored, tightened and wrinkles are less visible. Short-term & long-term skin benefits for a more youthful complexion. Light texture for skin comfort and fast penetration in the skin.

                  3% Peptides- 5% Hyaluronic Acid- 1% Vitamin C & E

                  Apply to face and neck on cleansed skin. Can be applied after a serum application. Every day, morning and evening
                  Apply directly onto skin after a superficial treatment