Aqua Infini Skincare Lotion 200 ml




2-3 Days

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  • Moisturizes & Hydrate the Skin
  • Enriches the Cells with Water

Galénic Aqua Infini Skincare Lotion is a preparing skincare lotion that boosts the efficacy of all other products. In its formulation, the Stone Flower is the star. Known as the resurrection plant, it is able to retain water captured from the outside environment within its cells. With a network of three molecular sieves (Tamis3 moléculaire), the Stone Flower is rapidly transferred into the core of the cells, enriching them with water. This fresh, ultra-fluid, easy-to-apply, textured lotion is an essential beauty ritual, for a smooth, hydrated, and plumped up the skin.

  • Stone Flower enriches the cells with water;
  • Hyaluronic Acid and Gelling Polymers hydrate the skin and retain water;
  • Plant-based Glycerin moisturizes the skin.

Apply Galénic Aqua Infini Skincare Lotion onto the clean skin of face and neck with the hands. After that, use your usual serum or skincare product.