AA Fresh For Sensitive & Prone to Irritation Skin - 300 ml




2-3 Days

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  • Contains Materials Of The Highest Quality
  • Minimum Concentration Of Preservatives.
  • Physiological Ph.

Innovative intimate hygiene wash.
The product provides a feeling of freshness and purity, and effectively neutralize odors throughout the day.

Effectiveness and safety confirmed by tests on people with skin allergies.
The product developed by gynecologists, tested at the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medical University of Gdansk.
The product developed on the basis of delicate ingredients cleansing, soothing and antibacterial agents.
It contains materials of the highest quality, chosen specially for their dermatological.
It has a minimum concentration of preservatives.
It has a physiological pH.
The product produced and controlled according to pharmaceutical industry standards.

Lactic acid bacterial microflora, and along with allantoin provide protection to the external genitalia of women.
Aloe Vera protects the skin, stimulates tissue regeneration, accelerate wound healing, as well as an effective barrier to microorganisms and aggressive environmental factors.
Betaine in the products has excellent moisturizing properties.
Undecylenic acid derivative antibacterial and antifungal.
Very delicate washing base without soap is based on natural oils - coconut, palm and sunflower is very well tolerated and effective cleaning.
D-panthenol and allantoin have a soothing effect.

For daily, external use, instead of soap.